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Notes: Clicking download will take you to the Chrome Web Store where you can install this extension (you must be using Chrome to do this).

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ZenMate VPN for Chrome help and info

  • What is Zenmate?

    The programme is a type of Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short. It can be used to encrypt traffic and clock the IP of a user by routing the IP it through the country of their choice to provide access to web pages and other content that is usually banned in that country.

  • How Does Zenmate Work?

    Essentially, the software creates a type of tunnel between a user’s device and the company’s server network. This tunnel prevents hackers and governments from spying on the web browsing activities as well as viewing their downloads, credit card information and anything else that they send over the network.

  • Is Zenmate Free?

    A limited version of the software is available to download and use free of charge. People who choose to use the free version of the software will not need to create a password or be prompted for payment at any time, although they will be prompted to opt for the Premium version from time to time.

  • What are the Benefits of Zenmate Premium?

    People who opt for the Premium version of the software will be treated to faster speeds, unlimited access to all of the company’s desktop clients and greater flexibility in terms of location and usability. Users who opt for the Premium version can choose the monthly, six monthly or yearly payment plan.

  • What are the Limitations of the Free Version of Zenmate?

    Users of the free version receive slower browsing speeds, while the free version is not available in certain countries such as China, New Zealand, Italy and Russia. People who find that they are unsatisfied with the speed and usability of the free version of Zenmate also have the option to pay a fee to receive the Premium version.

  • Is Zenmate Safe?

    The software is used to completely secure and encrypt all of the traffic on a user’s browser. However, it is not possible to secure traffic that passes through other programmes on a computer or mobile device, which means that security is limited to a certain extent.

  • What is the ZenMate Affiliate Programme?

    The company’s affiliate program is used as an incentive to encourage users to actively promote the Premium security software. People who choose to advertise this software on their blog, website or any other types of publication will receive certain incentives such as a reduced rate when they purchase the software.

  • Does Zenmate Keep Logs?

    Because the company behind the creation of the software is based in Germany, it has to comply with various cyber laws that limit user privacy. The company logs the IP address of users and also accesses their browsing cookies, picking out selective data so that they show ads in the browser.

  • What Devices and Platforms is Zenmate Compatible With?

    The software is compatible with a wide range of popular operating systems such as Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. A special mobile version of the software has also been created for iOS devices and Android devices that can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play.

  • What are the Zenmate Payment Methods?

    People who wish to opt for the Premium version of the software will be able to choose from a number of popular payment methods. These include VISA, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and UnionPay, although the availability of certain payment methods vary according to the location of the user.